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As a parent, you may already be thinking of how you are going to dress your little one this year to run through the neighborhood and conquer that ultimate challenge of Halloween. Or you may be a new parent and thinking, what can I dress my baby in to fill a bag of candy for my own personal stash?  We have a simple answer - our newest Costume Onesies from Dinky Dives!  Choose from costumes inspired by Captain America, Mr. Fantastic, Bat Girl, the Joker, Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel or even our ever popular Jedi.  All of these are available...

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Find the best Men’s T-Shirt & Dinky Dives at Same Place   When it comes to T-shirts and style, opinions often fall into 2 camps. There are those males, the vast majority of them, who see trees as being a wardrobe staple that's suitable for nearly each event, and may be worn with little to no thought. Then there are the traditionalists, small in quantity, however vocal, who really feel T-shirts are utterly juvenile as well as sloppy-looking, and will never be worn outside a fitness center or away from the beach. I’d prefer to recommend a middle path: T-shirts...

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Photo Credit: Don’t let the name of basic tees deter you from wearing them, because they’re actually so far from being “basic”. The term is actually used to describe a regular fitted t-shirt; a t-shirt without a collar or crop. It’s just a tee, or is it? These are the kind of shirts you want to wear, and have plenty of within your wardrobe. They’re versatile, soft apparel that look amazing on everyone. With the addition of these fashion tips, you can style all of new shirts from Deep Dive Threads like a pro.   Wear a classic tee with...

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